Wednesday, April 6, 2016


if ha won or inherited a fortune of money I would buy a car like yoenis cespedes, and drive it around every where. Then i would buy a new 3 story house with a basketball court,baseball field, indoor swimming pool with diving boards, also with a fridge in every room (15 rooms) that always have food no matter what. Some problems that would happen if this did come true is that people would try to rob me a lot and try to take it all or even try to blow up the house. The way I could solve this from happening is that I will make an app where you can see through the security cameras only at your house. Then when someone was coming near your front door, you can tell it to shoot a laser beam at them or tell them to leave.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Pearl : Emotion Songs

The emotion values that symbolize the songs is how Kino feels. Like if he was happy then he might be hear a song that he thinks would be happy.Or if it is like a serious moment like when Coyotito was stung by the scorpion he could have died. So Juana wanted to get the doctor but he wouldn't come so they had to go to the doctor before the poison killed him. I can relate to hoe Kino was hearing songs in certain situations, like when I'm playing hide and go seek tag at night I hear like a serious-scary theme song because I never know when they are coming towards me. Another example is when i playing a sports game/baseball or basketball/ and we have losing with a couple seconds or 2 outs left in the last quarter or inning, i have a down or annoying song in my head.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kbar 22 Mr.Ali

    Muhammad Ali was a very strong man. That was one of the reason I choose to read this book. Another reason is that he know has parking sons and I can relate to that because my grandfather on my moms side has parking sons. Another reason why Muhammad was strong was because in Feb 25 1964 beat a man named Sonny Liston for the heavy weight championship. Then 3 years later they took his title away because he wouldn't go into the US army. The nation, which openly preached racial separatism, opposed blacks serving in what was considered a white's man war. A lot of people were surprised in his decision to not join the war, because lots saw him as a roll model, or a man of substance. They also saw him as a man who want afraid of losing the very thing he fought hard to win, the heavy weight championship.    

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kbar 19 "GENIUS ideas"

                 Genius Files is a unique and very different book from what I have read. I have a lot of questions for Mr.Gutman, like why would you name the brother and sister Coke and Pep (which is short for Pepsi)? Why would u name them after to different soda companies. Like you could just name one Sprite and Sierra Mist, or Mtn Dew and Pepper for Dr.Pepper. My other question is also about the name because why would you name their last name McDonald if they don't own McDonalds in the book? Also what made you (Mr.Gutman)  the idea of  naming two kids after soda companies and their last name after fast food restaurant and have them work for a government agent company? My last question would be Why call the series Genius Files and one of the titles be Never say Genius if they work for the Genius Files agency ?

Friday, February 19, 2016

kbar 18 Coke McDonald

Coke McDonald is a boy (not like a coke that you drink at McDonalds) who always a something planned then something else happened and then he wouldn't get the other thing done that he wants to have done. I can really relate to this a lot. Like I will have planned to clean my whole room after school and then my brother wants to play a basketball game saying that I will have time after to finish even though I still have homework . Next our game will last for like an hour, which wouldn't give me enough time to finish my homework for all my classes and I would end up with a messed up room for the rest of he night. Coke would have to plan to do the dishes and clean his clothes too. Then for some reason his sister would need his help because she is being chased by this US government agent saying that she needs to come with him and he needs Coke too. Obviously this way different from mine but it's kind of the same if that makes sense, which it should I don't know why it wouldn't because I played basketball and Coke is being chased by an US government agent. Like what's the difference?  

Friday, January 29, 2016

Kbar 15: Felix the fast one

The book I'm read was "The Brooklyn Nine" by Alan Gratz. I kind of like this book more then other books I have read because it has a generation of sons and grandparents in one story by analyzing a big part of their lives. What I thought the author should have done instead of one part of their life make it a couple big parts in their life so we get to know more about them. In the first couple parts that I read, I can relate to one of the characters named Felix Schneider. I can relate to him because he is a very fast kid in the game (baseball) and he can get around the bases pretty fast. So in the games the coaches want to steal him, in which in my games my coach likes to steal me a lot too because of how fast I like to get around the bases and helps my team score from easy little hits. Which is why I like this book because it talks about one of my favorite sports, baseball.

Monday, January 25, 2016


The point of view from Buck makes me feel like the guy in the red jacket is beating the dogs to make them do what he wants. The story would change if the point of view of the guy in the red jacket because he would say that he is doing this so the dogs would obey everyone and I would think buck is just one of the dogs who learned faster then others.